What is the proper federal and state relationship?  Is there a right of rebellion?  How should protests be handled in a democracy on both sides?  Who should own what weapons?  How do we treat our veterans?  These are among the questions where    Shays Rebellion of 1786-7 helps clarify, or at least adds depth.   Along the way, a bit of history about the rebellion that propelled the Constitution is discussed.  Among the interesting notes: the rebellion was not confined to Massachusetts, and Shays was not the only leader.

4 Replies to “Daniel Shays Is Still With Us”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your Shays Rebellion podcast, as I have all the others. You mentioned the town of Petersham, Mass…. the actual pronunciation of the town’s name is Peter-Sam – the “h” is silent. (I grew up a couple of towns over.)

    Along a two-lane in the nearby town of New Salem is a little dead-end road, Hessian Lane. Almost hidden in the grass near the two-lane – you’d miss it if you didn’t know where to look – is a most interesting carved stone marker, locally known as the Hessian stone. The inscription reads, ” OCT 25 1777 1000 HESSIANS WHO SURRENDERED AT SARATOGA PASSED HERE

    Thank you for producing one of the very best podcasts available.


  2. Thanks so much. I always fear New England for pronunciations! I wanted to say something about Worscester court also being shut down during this time, but had to edit out because i fear I said Warchestor.


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