Why Biden Not Running Is Not Surprising

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A quick note that Neither Gore nor (H.W.) Bush, (nor Mondale nor Humphrey nor Nixon nor Coolidge) had to face a true contender from within their President’s Cabinet for their party’s nomination when they ran in 2000, 1988, 1984, 1968, 1960 and 1928.

(I’m not counting Al Haig in ’88, he was booted from Reagan’s Cabinet in the first two years and had 0% in the primary polls)

This is why the news that Biden is running is not a surprise. The American Presidency is something one must grasp, seek and run for with momentum, not think about for a long period. Run would have been awkward. Obama Admin against Obama Admin.  All foreign policy debate would have been out of the question.

“Mr. Vice President, if you don’t think Secretary Clinton should be Commander in Chief, why did you support her for Secretary of State, a position which made her fifth in line for the Presidency and in charge of the President’s foreign policy team?”

“Um.  Well, I think she used to be right but now she’s wrong?” —-FAIL

“I didn’t make the call Obama did.”  Does that mean you didn’t have influence in Obama’s administration? -FAIL

Oh, of course he could have tried, but it would have been awkward.  Better to keep it between admin member and outsider for the time being.   I think he would have split the “anti-Hil” vote with Bernie as well.

What is a surprise and very interesting, is his comments about having wanted to be the President that would lead the nation to a cure for cancer.

He’s well liked, and that means something.  I see a continual role as party elder, a spokesperson. And if something crazy happens and he’s needed at the convention, well, there could be a vote to open the convention, and then even a ‘non-candidate’ could be active. Longshot.


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