A Dozen Ronald Reagans – The Series

Here is a consolidated site with the entire series of “A Dozen Ronald Reagans” from My History Can Beat Up Your Politics.

Part One: Rawhide is OK
A look at the attempt on Reagan’s life, his first year and why the shooting was not an unimportant incident of his Presidency but directly connected to his performance in the first year.


Part Two: A Taxing Second Year

1982 doesn’t go as well for Ronald Reagan as 1981 did. Recession hits, a recession that challenges cuts of the previous year. Compromises, new taxes, the reality of deficits hit hard. David Stockman, the chief budget czar of Reaganomics is blocked by others and gets frustrated. Reagan makes a defining speech. Part 2 of 12 of our series.


Part Three: Rubik’s Cube: Two Reagan Mysteries Solved

We seek to solve two puzzles: How did Reagan the Truman booster become Reagan the Goldwater acolyte? And when he entered politics, became GOP nominee and President, what were the economic results of his Presidency? Also, Reagan and the KAL007 incident that reveals a bit about his personality and approach:


Part Four: Witches’ Brew: Central America, Lebanon, Poland
Reagan’s policy towards seven nations – El Salvador, Lebanon, Poland, Nicaragua, China, Grenada and Guatemala examined in this episode.


Part Five: 1976 RNC Convention

Reagan battles Ford for the GOP nomination.  A party pulled apart.  Platform battles. Called to the podium, Reagan makes a surprising speech.


Part Six: Hands Across America

Homelessness, education, healthcare and other domestic issues under constant evaluation during the time of the Reagan Presidency. We look at the personal Ronald Reagan and the contention of critics that his policies didn’t match the person. We look at first term and second term policy differences on homelessness, and the contention by supporters that homelessness was focused on by media in the 80’s but not during other Presidencies. Finally, we look at Reagan’s response to AIDS.


Part Seven: Reformation: Tax Reform, Immigration, S&Ls

Reagan is not often seen as a reformer but in many cases, there were massive shifts on domestic policy in the 1980s and not all of them were to the standard political right. Strange bedfellows Bill Bradley and Ronald Reagan work together to achieve something that hasn’t been done since. Also an incredible failure that could paint the economic picture of the Reagan years.


Part Eight: White House on Fire: Iran Contra
In the eight part of our series on the Presidency of Ronald Reagan, we look at the scandal that engulfed his administration, and management style mistakes that may have led to it. In the course of doing this we peel back a few layers, including the Walsh investigation and the critical Senate investigation.


Part Nine: Shockwave 1981

A tremendous upheaval in politics occurred with a new President influenced by new media and speaking new political language, with a willingness to bend the rules. The upending culminates in a radical foreign policy no one expected and few, at that time, understood, so different it was literally thought to be from outer space.


Part Ten: Year of the Missile – Reagan’s First Term Cold War Steps

t’s 1983 and the world is scared. In answering the question of Reagan’s credit for “winning the Cold War.” it’s necessary to break up the first-term pre-Gorbachev moves from the second-term moves.


Part Eleven: Did Reagan Win the Cold War?

Did Gorbachev? Did anyone? Starting with the Reykjavik Summit of 1986 and a fly on the wall view of the events there, we look at the pro-Reagan and anti-Reagan arguments regarding his role in the ending of the Cold War, and try to capture everything.


Part Twelve: Where’s Reagan?

In the FINAL episode of our “A Dozen Ronald Reagans” Series we ask -Where does Reagan fit into politics today? Would he fit in the modern GOP? Or somewhere else. Can you compare and contrast Reagan and Trump in any meaningful way? How was his Presidency? How do his accomplishment stack up and what can future politicians learn from his example? We review the dozen episodes of our series on President Reagan and attempt to answer a few questions.