The Moped and the Maseratis: Third Parties in American Politics

In this cast, we look at the 1980 run of John Anderson and other third party efforts of note and use them to study why a third party does not often win American elections?.  Why wouldn’t a third party do better?  It is a mystery to some, as the two party system is not revered and many voters express that they would like to see alternatives.  Blame a lot of people, but not the Framers who actually created the only viable mechanism for a 3rd party win today.  This cast looks at the factors behind Anderson and others, delves into some political science and of course talks about Abraham Lincoln.  Some say he was the only third party winner, but we take issue with that.   Recorded in 2012, Bruce adds his comments about 2016 at the end.


We discuss:

  • Polls and Third Party Candidates
  • How CNN cut John Anderson into a Debate
  • Carter May Have Sunk Anderson and Anderson, Carter
  • Abraham Lincoln’s Way to Deal With 3rd Parties

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