Why is There an Electoral College?

The reasoning behind America’s mediated Presidential election.  A look at the history of this institution, along with a story of the last time it was nearly discarded.

Presidential Transitions

A look at the Lincoln, FDR, Carter and Clinton transitions.  The lesson.  How you transition determines how you govern.  From 2008 but applicable, and few good stories.

The 2016 Election, with a Swig of History

The surprise election of 1916 is now matched 100 years later by its 2016 cousin.   Bruce discusses that Wilson-Hughes contest that appeared to shock everyone, including the winner.  The podcast then gets into those election results in 2016 and the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency.  What led to the result, how does it…

Concession Speeches

The hard pill of American politics, from William Jennings Bryan’s telegram to today’s TV events.  With a brief jump-back to the concession that wasn’t in the very first contested election in the United States.  A brief history. 

The Real Story of the 1948 Election, And Other Stories

The story of an election is never known until it is over.  By next week, the story of 2016 will be clear.   In the case of 1948, the narrative commonly told of a come from behind victory and a train campaign could be refined.  This and other topics in this pre-election hodge-podcast, including: The…