Interview w/ John Avlon, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Beast, Author of Washington’s Farewell

George Washington is a distant figure.  Sometimes, because of the distance in time, he appears too ancient to influence America’s debates today.  But he was a real person, and he was involved in politics and dealt with partisanship.  He also left behind instructions for future generations.

Daily Editor-in-Chief, CNN Political Analyst John Avlon joins with Bruce for an interview about his book Washington’s Farewell, The Founding Father’s Warning to Future Generations.  


John’s book about George Washington’s final address to America that used to be recited in schools, and now has faded.  He talks about the warnings Washington left the nation with, and how best to put Washington in today’s politics.   He calls for a “new generation of Washingtonians” and a greater focus on centrism and civics.

We discuss:

  • Where Washington’s Ideas fit in Today’s Politics
  • How Washington advocated a Muscular Centrism
  • How Best to Spread the Word About Washington
  • Washington the Real Person

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