25, 17, 21, 7, 45 and Other Presidents (Bruce Carlson Interviewed on ‘The Road to Now Podcast)

Who is the Most Underrated President?  What was FDR’s Waterloo?  What is an Executive Order and how are they used?  How has the concept of Executive Power changed?  A President’s Day conversation with Bob Crawford and Ben Sawyer from ‘The Road to Now’ Podcast.  Love talking to these guys.

(Now, the interview starts with a lot of compliments, which I am grateful for, but I feel the need out of honesty and modesty to pull back a little.   Listeners should now that while it might sound like I do, I don’t have a photographic memory or a kind of encyclopedia within.  I stand on the shoulders of other historians who write trade books and journals that I then use.  Every thing we do on My History Can Beat Up Your Politics requires research and on a lot of topics, I’m clueless prior to the research.  Over time though, I have picked up a good knowledge of some things, or at least what to look for in researching topics.  Still it is nice to hear.)

We discuss:

  • Executive Power and Executive Orders
  • FDR’s Court-Packing Plan
  • Steve Bannon and Presidenital ‘Hands’
  • My Two Most Underrated Presidents
  • Bruce Sings a Song

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