That Time When a Presidential Candidate Actually Was Bugged

…and probably for a good reason. 1968 and an announcement of a bombing halt over Vietnam by LBJ in the last week of the election has all sides moving in many directions. Evidence points to Nixon campaign involvement in scuttling talks through a third party connected to South Vietnamese elites, that the FBI became aware of through a bug on the aide and perhaps on his campaign plane.  LBJ was livid, and LBJ and Nixon spoke directly about it.     Since we first discussed in 2014 – there’s been new developments about the 1968 story increasing the likelyhood of Nixon campaign involvement, if not his own.

President Trump’s Saturday tweet reminds me of this story, and his reference to actions against him being ‘Nixon/Watergate’- like miss the point a bit.  In Watergate Nixon bugged himself.  This earlier event is, if anything, is the right comparison.   But in this case, all evidence points to suspicions being justified.