All Politics is Social (and other observations)

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It’s a crazy time, but Bruce’s Fourteen Points about Politics in 2017 seeks to provide some clarity on what’s going on and where both parties stand.  The points include going Back to the Past, Clarity on Reelections and Midterms, About Town Halls, The 8 Million Ignored People and Getting a Media Game.

We discuss:

  • Presidents are Normally Reelected
  • Midterms Usually are Bad for Incumbents.  Except These Two Times.
  • The Need for a little Show in Politics
  • Reaching Out to People
  • Protests Matter, But Perhaps Not for the Reasons We Think
  • The 8 Million Ignored People
  • Cool WPA Murals

    photo above is ‘Daily Bread’ New Deal Mural in Iowa.

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