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DRAFT JOHNSON – Did Johnson Really Want to Run in 1968? His Speech Says One Thing, His Actions (and Some Allies) Say Another – Bruce investigates the Ins and outs of this is an upcoming episode

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  • Leftovers from The Lincoln Train Episode
  • The Mauve Decade Scrapbook- American in the 1890’s
  • You Must Run if Drafted: Blaine and William Sherman, McKinley and Dewey
  • Emerson Etheridge Tries to Steal Congress
  • 1980 and 1976 Elections – Cautionary Tales?
  • The Black Bands – “Leftovers” from the Soccer and Repression Podcast
  • Too Minnesota Nice? Hubert Humphrey and the End of the 1968 Election
  • Sargent Shriver – Kennedy In-Law, VP Candidate and Very Early Biden Supporter
  • Andrew Carnegie’s Story and Other Leftovers
  • John Lennon and the 26th Amendment
  • Run Up to Wars (from 2008)
  • France and America
  • Lincoln and Zachary Taylor
  • Can Deists Carry Firearms?
  • Three Fallen Front-Runners
  • War in a Time of Peace – Mexico and Lebanon
  • Representation: History and Possible Improvements
  • Young Ambassador: The Story of Samantha Smith
  • Presidents and Canadian Prime Ministers From “Dief the Chief” John Diefenbaker to P. Trudeau and J.Trudeau
  • Marc Ambinder on Being a White House Correspondent and The State of the Profession
  • Monkeys in Space, Washington’s English Relatives
  • Stories From the 1918 Spanish Flu Episode – Bonus Episode from 2017 Laura Spinney Interview
  • The Sad Stories of Three Fallen Presidential Front-Runners
  • A Sense of Humor as a Weapon: Thomas Marshall, Wilson’s VP
  • Lyndon Johnson, Box 13 and his 1948 Senate Election, Visited and Revisited
  • Extras from “You Break Everybody’s Back” More about 1988
  • Ford’s Brief Tenure as Vice President
  • A Hessian’s Story: Revolutionary War Sketches
  • Interference by Foreign Governments, 1836 and 1920 Elections, Other Topics
  • Granting of Certiorari: The Supreme Court Process
  • Truman’s Mild Support for JFK
  • Extra Cast – Gunboats, Putting a Man on the Moon, Madison on Spending, More about Railroads and Embargo
  • Bruce Talks About 1984 Primaries, Stephen Douglas Other Topics
  • Leftovers from the Ark of Commerce III and Bruce’s Ranking of Presidents.
  • The Original “Ozark” – Monk’s Tale of Pre Civil War Missouri and Other Observations
  • Umbrella Man -Part I: Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and Munich
  • Revolutionary War Sketches: Tricorne Hats, Tomahawks and Other Revolutionary Items
  • Valley Forge and FDR and Reporters -Leftovers From Past Episodes – Nov 2018 Edition
  • The Strange Story of John Morrissey The story of a man in a -Thomas Nast cartoon.
  • Anti-Indian Removal Petitions of 1830 and Other Listener Questions
  • The Red Web: Russian Spying, Internet Controls, Protests and -Counter Protests From Soviets to Putin
  • Leftovers from the Legal Pad, Notes on Slow Burn, Notes on Reed -Smoot and 1983 and Nuclear War
  • Pujo and Pecora Investigations into the Financial Industry
  • More on Emoluments, Tariffs, the 17th Amendment – Questions and Answers

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