The Split on The Left of Politics and Why it Matters w/ Chris Novembrino

While so much attention is focused on splits in the GOP, there is a gaping split on the left that while, perhaps not large, is important to understanding both what happened in 2016 and the politics of 2017 and moving forward.  Special guest Chris Novembrino, of the ‘Don’t Worry About the Government’ Podcast, has an interesting analysis of the splits between Progressives and Technocrats that will determine what happens in the future.

We Discuss:

  • The Many ‘Lefts:’ Progressive, Dirtbag, Technocratic, Establishment and Anti-Establishment .
  • WikiLeaks and its Continued Impact
  • 2016 Election and the Left, Ultra Left and Green Splits
  • Why Philadelphia 2016 Was a Bad Convention
  • Chris makes the case for National WiFi

    Listen Now:



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