The Mystery of Impeachment

From Chase to Johnson to Clinton, America likes nothing as much as a good impeachment spectacle to fill the galleries and the hopes of powerful people in Washington. This cast looks at several mysteries surrounding impeachment.

First Edmund Ross. Savior or scoundrel? We look at the case of one of the most celebrated heroes of Presidential impeachment. And in the course of that – we look at the Chase, Clinton and Johnson precedents for attempted impeachment, we attempt to answer questions about this oft-discussed, rarely used, and perhaps, poorly understood Constitutional function.

That the President would be subject to impeachment was almost never questioned. And the language in the Constitution is clear. But that doesn’t mean all questions are answered. Why is impeachment so rarely used? Why does the Senate try the President? Does the Senate become a Court when it does, or stay the Senate? What is a High “Misdemeanor?” And what does Aaron Burr have to do with all of this?

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