William McKinley Got Us Here: Interview with Robert W. Merry about POTUS 25, American Expansion, Income Taxes, Presidents and Press and More

He’s more than the President that was shot in office, more than just the guy before Teddy Roosevelt.  And he wasn’t handled by anyone.  William McKinley set in motion the America that we have now.  His views on expansion, free trade, taxes, and money set up modern America.  We speak with Robert W. Merry, the author of President McKinley – The Architect of the American Century about these topics.  Merry previously authored a significant book that put James K. Polk back on the historical radar, and his book has great insights about POTUS 25.

Hear the story of:

  • McKinley vs Teddy Roosevelt
  • Modern Press Relations
  • Expansion or Imperialism?
  • Free Trade and Taxes
  • McKinley’s Wife Ida
  • his first VP Garret Hobart.
  • Other topics.

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