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As we aired our 22nd Amendment episode a re-run episode from 2012, an offer was mentioned – while that offer no longer applies, note that for $24/ a year you can obtain the Premium podcast and gain 25 archive episodes.


More content.  For As little as $2/ month.

Have you found yourself dreading the time between episodes and wish you had something to listen to? Now you can.  There is an Extra Podcast that features, extra bonus episodes of My History Can Beat Up Your Politics, archived episodes from year’s past, political observations and more stories of history.  Bruce opens up his legal pad, his notes, and goes deeper into topics discussed on the Podcast.  He also explores other side projects, including discussions of the American Revolution.  You can access this special EXTRA PODCAST and at the same time, you can help support the program with various premium membership programs.

All of them come with special offers.

“Friends of MHCBUYP”  –
Get the Premium Podcast and 25 of the Most Popular Episodes

For as low as $2 dollars a month, memberships include the Premium Podcast. The Premium Podcast will continuously feed past episodes of My History Can Beat Up Your Politics to your iTunes, Podcast Addict, or other device that allows you to manually subscribe to a feed. It will run through the popular episodes that have been recorded since 2006, curated with notes from host Bruce Carlson.

Grover Cleveland Club – More Episodes, PLUS More Bonus Content and Archives!

The Premium Podcast will contain special members-only episodes, with commentary from Bruce. The podcast will feature- additional insights on episodes from the podcast, additional thoughts on politics/current events and answers to questions from premium subscribers. All of this is content not heard by listeners of the standard podcast.

Expect at least 20 episodes a year of extra, members-only content, as part of your subscription! Other membership levels include transcripts of past shows, and a special email for questions and commentary to Bruce.


To Donate without subscribing to the Premium Extra Podcast:


To support the show, and support the books, webfees, time costs, computer costs and sound equipment needed to bring this refreshing history to you, please donate.

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