Midterms Don’t Always Work Out Badly for Presidents (But Mostly They Do)

In the past 100 years, over 80% of the first term midterms went badly for Presidents, and their party lost seats.   But in a few cases they did not.  And a few times when they did, the result was very little real change or even a kind of win.  A look at first term midterms during the Presidencies of Chester Arthur, Harding, FDR, GW Bush, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

A combo of new and previously recorded MHCBUYP episodes reveals that while many first term midterms have devastated the President’s plans, Presidents don’t always do badly, there are ‘stave’ elections where Presidents have lost so little it’s spun a win.  And sometimes, a defeat has positive effects.

Music by Josh Woodward and Lee Rosevere in this episode. Find them on the Free Music Archive website.