Disco Demolition and the First South Carolina Primary

In 1979 South Carolina Republicans realized something.  They were in a position to help Ronald Reagan.  But only if they gave up their archaic convention system and created a primary – one that would be on the calendar earlier than most primaries.  It was the beginning of primary calendar one-up-manship that lives on today in an oft-important Presidential campaign event, the first in the South primary.   Fortunately for conservatives who wanted to help Reagan, Democrats in the Southern State also wanted to help Carter beat back a challenge from liberal Ted Kennedy, and the plan suited them just fine as well.

At the same time, it seemed fitting that Dylan is reconsidering his music, and disco music is being met with a backlash from angry rock and roll fans, culminating in an infamous baseball game.

A look at the first South Carolina primary in 1980 and its intended role at the time as a firewall for conservative politics. We also look at how disco sucked, Dylan went Christian and some events that happened at the same time, all unrelated but in their own way meaningful. Lee Rosevere’s excellent Music for Podcasts featured on the episode.