History’s Nine Most Insane Rulers w/ Scott Rank of “History Unplugged” Podcast

We talk about Idi Amin, Kim Jong-il and other despots.  Scott Rank of History Unplugged Podcast joins us to talk about his book History’s Nine Most Insane Rulers.  We get into Amin’s awful suppression of opposition, deportation of Indian and Pakistani Ugandans, and extra judicial killings.  Other insane rulers were more amusing, and we talk about that too.   Lee Rosevere music is featured on this program – check out his music from The Music for Podcast albums on bandcamp.com

Among the points made in the podcast:

  • The President of Turkmenistan was not only ruler, but a kind off Turkmen Tony Robbins.  He changed the days of the calendar to be named after him and his relatives, and wrote a book meant to boost his people’s spirits and give self-help advice.
  • Think your staff meeting at work is rough?  You didn’t want to work for Idi Amin.  After one meeting, in which he was angry and said the ministers needed to communicate better with the people.  Aides scribbled notes as fast as they could, but perhaps not fast enough.  His foreign minister was found floating in a river.
  • Amin through out Israelis and Ugandan Pakistanis and Indians in his country.  Some of the latter had been in this country for generations.   They were forced to leave in a three month tiime frame.  The reason?  Amin had a dream that it should be so.
  • Charles the Sixth of France thought he was made of glass and it made him incredibly scared of people  But as Scott tells us, there’s a reason why these leaders get so crazy.  They believe their own hype.  And a glassy feeling was something in the Middle Ages, Charles wasn’t the only one who had this condition.
  • Don’t like Trump?  Think Biden will be terrible?  These nine will have you convinced things are pretty darn good.  Or at least if things get bad, you’ll have a standard to measure that by.