Truman, the Marshall Plan and the 1948 Election w/ A.J. Baime

1948 wasn’t so far away conceptually from our times.  It was modern.  Beatnik Jack Keroauc was writing his book about travelling the country by thumb.  Monkeys were going into space.  America was leading the world, and had just pulled off the Berlin Airlift.  The election that takes place is a modern election, with radio, television and modern consultants.

A look at Truman,, the Marshall Plan and the 1948 Election.  Why Truman thought he won, and why his opponent Dewey thought he won.  How he pulled it off.  With A.J. Baime, author of Dewey Beats Truman.  This is A.J. Baime’s second appearance on the podcast.

We discuss the following:

  • How Marshall pulled off getting a GOP Congress to support a Democratic President’s plan for spending that had not been seen.
  • Truman’s 1948 victory, told a slightly different way.  He never was surprised by it, though he took joy in surprising a media blind to his support.
  • How Dewey might have been as a President, and why he thought he lost.  How it was different from why Truman thought he won.
  • Henry Wallace’s role in 1948.
  • Russians were definitely interested in getting involved in this election, and they had the people on the ground to do it.