I Travelled Through Time to Tell You This – 14 Years of My History Can Beat Up Your Politics – Plus Listener Questions

https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/mhcbuyp/Itraveledthroughtimetotellyouthis.mp3 Host Bruce Carlson reflects on 14 years of the podcast, provides a show update.  Plus some listener questions on masks then and now, Presidents leaving (or not leaving) the Oval, and Kennedy’s 1960 election and allegations of fraud. Reminder about that MHCBUYP Patreon – Support the Show and Get Episodes!

A Powder Keg About to Explode: Newark, NJ 1967

Newark N.J. suffered a brutal and consuming riot, or rebellion, depending on how you see things, in the hot summer of 1967. Through the voices of history, we hear about those events, what caused it, and the musician who got caught up and became an unlikely spark. Caught off guard, state police and National Guard…