The Man in the Cave and Other Stories of the Signers of The Declaration of Independence

We know Jefferson and Franklin, but what about the other signers – John Hart, John Penn, William Williams, Richard Stockton, William Whipple, John Morton, William Floyd, George Read and others.  In this long episode, stories of the Signers, including:

  • A man who had to hide in a cave while his property was ransacked.  Another whose house was burned.
  • A man who nearly drowned on a British ship.
  • A man whose signature is so faint, it revealed is ill-health.
  • A young, last-minute alternate to the convention who ended up making history.
  • A man who lost his trading fleet when it was converted for the cause.
  • A man who planted a tree to coincide with his signing the Declaration.  It’s still there.
  • A man whose house was fired upon, and maybe he ordered it, since the British had occupied it.
  • The iron men who saw the practice of iron founding, reduced by British laws, as a patriotic act.
  • The Radical Baristas of yore, drinking really strong coffee and organizing the city of Philadelphia for revolution.
  • The truth about Caesar Rodney’s ride, and how he pulled it off.
  • The British baron who may have inspired the whole movement.
  • A very rich man who signed, and some middle class-to cash-poor signers.
  • One man who everyone thought was a Loyalist who ended up signing.
  • The pop musician of his time who sang and signed for the cause.

I released this series as its own podcast in 2012.  It was in reaction to the chain emails going around that I felt were overselling the accomplishments and sacrifices of the Signers with untrue stories.  That does them no justice, I thought.  Some listeners may have listened to it, but there’s some new listeners.  I have combined it into one volume.