A Powder Keg About to Explode: Newark, NJ 1967

Newark N.J. suffered a brutal and consuming riot, or rebellion, depending on how you see things, in the hot summer of 1967. Through the voices of history, we hear about those events, what caused it, and the musician who got caught up and became an unlikely spark. Caught off guard, state police and National Guard were called in.  And a scuffle became a war, some say outside agitators and opportunist looters planned it all; others say police and Guard units rioted themselves.  Most agreed – they didn’t want to see it again.

The line between crime and politics, the role of the riots in change, a government report that called out the madness of it all. How the ’67 events caused a change in government, was noticed in national politics, and how it remains an influence even for today’s events.