Now on The Patreon Site – Mario Cuomo Running and Not Running

ON the PATREON SITE , the story of Mario Cuomo’s non-runs for the Presidency. We talked about candidates not running for President on a recent cast, but in that one we were looking at obscure stories. The obvious story of a modern candidate not running for President.

We talk about the reasons. A lot of it comes down to fairly normal politics, and we are somewhat down on the common ‘mob ties’ argument made in the media. That being said, we get into the ‘mob ties’ talk and the various stories in detail. One has to consider too, with the announced election of the nation’s 2nd Catholic President, how different it was to run for President as a Catholic and an Italian-American, even in the early 90’s.

This, plus DRAFTING JHONSON – another view on the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago and Lyndon Johnson’s decision not to run. And 30+ other content items including exclusive episodes of MHCBUYP, “leftovers” from episodes of topics and stories not discussed, and transcripts of past episodes.

Plus episodes on the veto power, the 1884 election (even deeper into the Blaine story of that election) , a young Cold War peacemaker, and many other stories.

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Photo by New Ministry, used per Creative Commons