I Don’t Want to Trick You: The Lyndon Johnson – Richard Nixon Presidential Transition, and Other Stories

Nothing starts a good presidential transition like wild charges against the President-Elect, and thus it was in 1968 that a tense election ending started a transition between Presidents of two parties.  Yet all things considering, Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson’s transition is considered one of the better ones by scholars. 

Yet was it? With so much under the surface, both positive and negative assessments may be cloudy.  Nixon and LBJ needed each other, and each had information the other didn’t fully know. They also suspected things that could have happened, and were both right and wrong. It was also the first transition of a different party since the passage of an official transition by Congress. We look into the circumstances, the actions and the phone calls between LBJ and Nixon, from November 5th, 1968 to January 20th, 1969.  We also look at contemporary news stories, and stories of other presidential transitions. 

Also – a little about Truman-Eisenhower and Eisenhower-Kennedy as well.

Music from Lee Rosevere- Music for Podcasts True Crime Edition (turns out his true crime edition music really fits..hmm.)