The ‘Ark of Commerce’ Series on The Commercial History of The United States

Here are all the episodes for the ‘Ark of Commerce’ a series that has run since 2019.

Part 1 – Crash Party – 1929 Stock Market Crash, Edison and Other Things.

Part 2 – Two if By Sea: Maritime Commerce, Arks and More

Part 3 – Loco – Train and Other Land Commerce

Part 4 – When Commerce Stops – Embargoes, Wartime and Freezes

Part 5 – Measure Everything – Unemployment, GDP, Advertising, Computers and the Computer Industry, Pre-Internet Internets

Part 6 a – Black Monday – Stock Market Crash and The Shock of Risk

Black Monday 1987 and The Shock of Risk (Ark of Commerce, Part 6a)

Part 6 b The Day After Black Monday and The History [And Perils] of Insurance

Terrible Tuesday 1987 (The Ark of Commerce, Part 6b)