Mike Duncan on The Marquis de Lafayette and His Two Worlds

With podcast host of Revolutions and History of Rome Mike Duncan, we talk about the Marquis de Lafayette. He left an aristocratic life in France to fight in the American Revolution, and did so with bravery and zeal. He remains the central figure of American-French cooperation. Mike talks about Lafayette’s role not just in American history but in French history. He also talks about his book, Hero of Two Worlds. We also chat about Napoleon and Lafayette, French generals and other stories. Music by Kevin McLeod and Chris Novembrino.

EPISODE LINK: https://traffic.megaphone.fm/ADV9526323455.mp3?updated=1630248687

Mike Duncans Book: https://www.publicaffairsbooks.com/titles/mike-duncan/hero-of-two-worlds/9781541730328/

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