About Those Hessians: Realities of the Revolution

It’s easy to forget that Hessians were people too, with the way they are discussed in history. A bit about the German “mercenaries” for the British Side in the Revolution in this episode. We discuss their true purpose and story, the impact on the Revolution and American motives. How some Hessians switched sides, or just settled down in the country they were assigned to conquer. 


 And we tell one Hessian’s story, found in his diary by German relatives. 

Since Hessians figure prominently in the Battle of Trenton, a special treat: Bob Crawford and Ben Sawyer make a brief appearance on the show.

Their podcast Road to Now is a favorite of My History Can Beat Up Your Politics. Check ’em out at Road to Now (www.roadtonow.com). And Road to Now Theology – https://www.theroadtonow.com/theology/ 

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