The War in the Former Yugoslavia (Bosnian War) and the Dayton Accords, w/ Alex Hastie of “Ohio v. The World” Podcast

No one outside the Balkans could foresee the brewing conflict as parts of a former communist country sought independence. The result was destructive war with multiple actors, civilian deaths and war crimes in a civilized area. In no area was this felt more than the city of Sarajevo, where the world had watched the Winter Olympics just 8 years before.

We will relay a timely podcast from Ohio v. the World podcast from 2018 on the War in the former Yugoslavia, known as the Bosnian War. Bruce will jump in with some points about politics and national security in the 1990. Alex joins us to talk about current events.

We also cover the world reaction and the Dayton Accords. We are pleased to have Alex Hastie on and his informative guest.

We also get into a surprising connection to the creation of Ukraine and the question of intervention in Bosnia that came up at the time.

Subscribe to Alex’s podcast Ohio v..The World Podcast. The history of Ohio is so connected to the history of America that we’ve found no particular local interest about Alex’s podcasts, they are about all the events in American history and they are well-done.

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