Didn’t Mean to Start a Country: First Congress, 1774

We think about the American Revolution beginning in 1776. Yet the events of 1774 are very important to understanding.

Before we discuss that 1776 Continental Congress that assigned Jefferson the task to write a Declaration and then, with the help of his pen, officially broke off relations with Britain, we should study the first Continental Congress. One that Jefferson was unable to get into.

We do that in this episode, and look at a few decisions the Congress made and didn’t make which determined the history afterwards.

We also look at a seemingly minor decision of the 1774 Congress, in rejection a suggestion by Patrick Henry, which might turn out to have huge implications on our politics today.

While we are a discussing a meeting that Jefferson was not at, and not yet enough of a name to be asked, perhaps, We do discuss him. Thomas Jefferson does participate, virtually. We also take a look at Jefferson’s Summary View of the Rights of British North America, written in this year.

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