George B. McClellan, Jr. Would Like a Word

George B. McClellan Junior, son of the Union general and Mayor of New York City for two turn-of-the century terms is not history’s usual voice, his takes are different. He saw Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson at their most base and political. He became mayor of the nation’s largest city and talked about for its highest office, only to earn the displeasure of his sponsors for acting independently (and probably, prudently). He thinks at least one story about Lincoln was overplayed, he was against the United State’s entry into World War I. Let’s speak to McClellan Jr [ by reviewing his memoirs! ].

About turn of the century politics, political machines, being New York City major and son of famous Civil War General and Democratic candidate for President. . He also speaks to race relations in Congress in the 1890’s, being a Northern Congressman in a Southern-dominated party, what it’s like to fight the ‘tiger’ of Tammany Hall and other things.