A Midterm Election About Nothing, and Other Stories

Not all midterms are bad for the President’s party. It’s just that, most of the midterms in history go against the party in The White House.. We’ll discuss 1990’s “Seinfeld Midterm,” (the midterm about nothing, 1978 Carter first “not that bad” midterm, and others. We’ll look at these and others where the party in the White House lost a lot less than the 31 seat average loss in the House, or gained seats and had a similar positive or not so bad result in the Senate.

  • 1990, that gave Democratic Giants Cuomo (father) and Bradley a big scare, but also scared GOP’s Newt Gingrich.
  • 1978, Carter’s first midterm which was not a gain nor a loss for Democrats and left Carter without a black eye he was expecting, and left control unchanged. A Democrat in Iowa loses his seat, while Al Gore enters Congress in Tennessee.
  • Calvin Coolidge’s 1926 loss of nine House seats which he interpreted as a victory (and why he wrote off the loss of six Senate seats).
  • Nixon’s 1970 midterm that was well less than the historic 31 seat loss in the house, with an extra plus that the GOP gained 2 seats in the Senate, and why he was still grumpy.
  • The rare birds where the President Party gains seats in the House. It’s happened 3 times from Wilson to Trump – 1934, 1998 and 2002. But hasn’t happened in 20 years.

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