A History of Student Loans and Higher Ed Financing in the U.S.

College costs have been an issue since the founding of the Republic, as we discuss in this issue, And equally, the desire to provide education to young minds has been strong. What’s different about the era we live in is that college is closely associated with debt. Debt that cannot be removed by bankruptcy, and debt that is now considered a national problem.

We look at student loans, their history, and on the way a bit of a history of American education. How Harvard isn’t Harvard, in a manner of speaking. How Jefferson and Wilson got seriously involved in dorms. How Nixon created a monster, though we can say on purpose. How even education for GIs has been controversial, and how Senator Joe Biden played a role in the problem that President Joe Biden seeks to solve (or ameliorate).

Thankful to Brian Stolk and Chris Novembrino who made contributions to research for this episode.

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