Lonely Midterm, 1970

The midterm election everyone is not talking about in this midterm season. Air Force One. Candidates in Fire Trucks. Culture War Weaponized. A TV Mess-Up. New Political Concepts and Midterm Election Awareness. Nixon’s first presidential midterm election (the election in which the House and Senate would be up for election) would turn out to be…

Washington’s Ancestors, Coolidge’s Electric Horse and Other Stories

A hodge-podcast of bits of things. A bit about the Washington family, and ancestors he didn’t know that he had. And some follow ups from other casts. About that ‘Electric Horse’ that Coolidge used for exercise. And Lincoln deals with fake news like a pro. We are part of Airwave Media Network Interested in Advertising? sales@advertisecast.net

Nineteen Seventies Ephemera

PROGRAM ONE: Ford’s Bad Day – Dylan’s Troll – Howard Cosell’s Politics PROGRAM TWO: Skylab’s Fall – Nixon Shako Warriors – One Hit Wonder PROGRAM THREE: High School Riot – Art About Nutin’ PROGRAM FOUR: Austin Gets Weird – Global Cooling Article Controversy We are part of Airwave Media Podcast Network