The Youth Vote: John Lennon’s Dream, Nixon’s Nightmare

A discussion of the 26th Amendment, the story behind it. John Lennon and his attempt to mobilize youth voting, and how Nixon countered it. And a look at the 18-29 year-old vote in recent elections including the recent midterm. Parts from 2013 and parts recorded this year.

Once Upon a Time in Westminster

 a story of 1970’s British politics. A change in country is behind every corner of the smoking room, every staircase, and every pint of ale. On benches red and green, members make moves. A pipe-smoker, a yacht champion, a grocer’s daughter a former (maybe current?) spy.

Something Happened: Eugene McCarthy’s 1968 Run for President

Quirky Senator Eugene McCarthy (no relation to Joe who he debated against) agreed when no one else would to run a protest campaign against Lyndon Johnson. That was when something happened. The race for the Democratic Nomination in 1968 a complicated one, as one candidate would drop out and another die tragically. But for a…

The Mystery of the Black Bands on the Goalposts? And Other Stories

We leave a lot out of any episodes and our episode on the Argentine junta in the 1970’s is no exception. One story, now challenged in authenticity, had to be included: During the World Cup Championship game in 1978 the soccer goals were wrapped with black bands. It happened without the dictators knowing what the…