We Are Part of Airwave Media Podcast Network

LOS ANGELES, Cali – Airwave Media, the award-winning production company behind the popular podcast Kickass News announced plans to form a brand new podcast network called Airwave. Airwave will officially launch this May 24, and it will be a curated collection of shows featuring some of the leading storytellers and thought leaders in audio entertainment.

Ben Mathis, Chief Content Officer for Airwave said “We plan to produce fun and fascinating podcasts in history, science, travel, food, the arts, health, education, true crime, audio-documentaries and more. Our target listeners are the kind of people who believe that learning and personal growth are lifelong pursuits.”

Airwave is heavily focused on producing original content including an all-new food podcast from #1 bestselling food writer Mark Bittman. The network will also include more than 20 popular existing podcasts at launch.

Created for podcasters by podcasters, Airwave empowers producers to do their best work, grow an audience, and increase revenue.

Visit www.airwavemedia.com or contact press@airwavemedia.com for further details.