Jimmy Carter Mania’s Brief Moment: The DNC Convention 1976

Originally released August 2020.  Jimmy Carter’s 1976 convention in New York handed him 30 percentage points in the polls.  No other party convention has ever done that for a candidate.  It turned an unknown upstart into the leader of a party.  And it is seen as one of the best   We look at what happened – from a strict chairman’s gavel to a secret VP pick, from expert badge distribution to checking for bugged telephones, from fighting crime to picking up garbage, from dodging the draft to dodging the press.   A scandal over the lightbulbs, an astronaut does not reach the sky, while a new celebrity is born.  Also: searching for Hunter Thompson and Joe Biden, polyester suits, delegates learning judo, peanuts and fried chicken.

We also talk to a few delegates to the 1976 convention about their memories.  Thanks to John Pouland, Lynda Hallmark Gammage and Billy Rodgers of TX 1976 for their participation.

(and In a few weeks – how it all went downhill for Carter in ’80)

Music: Lee Rosevere and Dee Yan Key

Why not the 1976 GOP?  Well, we covered that, in 2016: https://myhistorycanbeatupyourpolitics.wordpress.com/2016/04/26/1976-gop-convention-a-dozen-ronald-reagans-part-five/