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Simply said, this is a podcast that uses history to better understand the politics of today. So many political events have foundations in history. or they resemble something that happened in the past. That history can help illuminate what’s going on, remove the shock of politics, sometimes strip a little emotional power from one political actor or another. Might even change your view or enlarge it.

History is books, journals, films, old letters, buttons and slogans, sometimes photos and cartoons. They can speak to us in ways that current commentators are too invested to do. It doesn’t always work, but sometimes it works very well.

I like explaining politics and history to audiences. I like learning, and as a listener to My History Can Beat Up Your Politics you can join along with me.

Since 2006, examining the politics of today with the prism of history, MHCBUYP brings you context.  This cast provides stories of yesteryear’s politics and how they relate to today’s issues. We do a mix of episodes – great stories of politics and history, explanations of political concepts, interviews with authors who can talk politics and history, and Q&A.


To support the show, and support the books, webfees, time costs, computer costs and sound equipment needed to bring this refreshing history to you, please donate.

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If you like the program, please tell someone you do.  We welcome comments on iTunes, stitcher faves, tweets, and blog mentions.

Get More – The Premium ‘Extra Podcast’

One of the big requests I’ll get is – I’d love more content, more stories about history. I talk more on the Premium Extra Podcast. I go deeper into the episodes you hear, I air some episodes early or with no ads. I talk about topics I’ve been researching like Ronald Reagan or the American Revolution. For just $2 a month, you’ll get more. Minimum 24 episodes a year – sign up here.
The premium podcast is available at www.myhistorycanbeatupyourpoliticspremium.com


Bruce Carlson
Reach me on Twitter @myhist

or email – brucecarlson201 ( at ) yahoo dot com.


10 thoughts on “About “My History Can Beat Up Your Politics” / Contact Us

  1. Love your podcast, but the App Store hasn’t worked for downloading new episodes since your show about Washington deserving his own day. Tried unsubscribing and resubscribing, but that didn’t fix anything except that now I can’t even download the episode to which I was previously listening about creating children.


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