The Moped and the Maseratis: Third Parties in American Politics

In this cast, we look at the 1980 run of John Anderson and other third party efforts of note and use them to study why a third party does not often win American elections?.  Why wouldn’t a third party do better?  It is a mystery to some, as the two party system is not revered and many voters express that…

A Dozen Ronald Reagans – The Series

Here is a consolidated site with the entire series of “A Dozen Ronald Reagans” from My History Can Beat Up Your Politics. Part One: Rawhide is OK A look at the attempt on Reagan’s life, his first year and why the shooting was not an unimportant incident of his Presidency but directly connected to his…

Kingfish: Special Fundraiser Cast

Bruce gives his best imitation of a PBS telethon and reveals a special offer for donors.    Also Huey Long visits the show (well you know, not really) a discussion of vetoes and the naming of wars…and because not even MHCBUYP can avoid it, we talk about Trump…and the Kingfish.  

Small Money, Big Hope

Back and forth on the significance of small money in politics. Plus – Can Bush pick Rubio? How did James Earl Carter, or JEC as we like to call him…go from peanut farmer to President.

LBJ and The Creation of Medicare 50 Years Ago

50 years ago, Medicare was created and some of it was recorded.  We’ll look at the original conversations that demonstrate LBJ’s work on the bill, and compare the enactment of Medicare to the Affordable Care Act.   And we’ll contrast the two bill’s passages and implementation, effect and popularity. Based on a previous cast called…

Wave Your Grand Army of the Republic Banner High?

History can help a bit with the issue around the Confederate flag (truly the Battle Flag), though it can’t solve everything.  In this cast part repeat and current commentary we reexamine some questions.  Were confederates traitors, thus the flag a flag of illegality?  What flag would have flown over Charleston when the Civil War began?…

The Slaughter Could Not Be Ignored

Rerun from 2013, but obviously seems very relevant now.  A look at this attempt at a fix it amendment to get over a reluctant President, which didn’t work but has impacts on today’s politics.

Daniel Shays Is Still With Us

What is the proper federal and state relationship?  Is there a right of rebellion?  How should protests be handled in a democracy on both sides?  Who should own what weapons?  How do we treat our veterans?  These are among the questions where    Shays Rebellion of 1786-7 helps clarify, or at least adds depth.   Along the…

Common Sense

A look at one of America’s earliest blockbusters, the little book that changed American minds Common Sense, its author Thomas Paine, the impact it had at the time and what it might mean today. We also examine the creative differences Paine had with his printers, and how much it might have cost to advertise for…

The Silent "Ulster Vote"

Is the cultural influence of the Scots-Irish, one of America’s oldest immigrant groups, on the ballot in 2012? Partially, perhaps. We discuss this sometimes misunderstood nationality that is essential to understanding American history, a group that I suggest may be essential to understanding today’s politics.