We Need to Talk. About the 72nd Congress

The 72nd Congress of 1931 was, as elected, a very narrow Republican House 218 R – 216 D. Close, but for President Hoover, good enough. That is until, 14 Congressmen-elect died. Not all at once – that would be weird – over 13 months, for all kinds of reasons but heart attacks and pneumonias leading…

Inflation vs. Space

When President Kennedy inspired the nation to put a man on the Moon, he did so at a time when the inflation rate was 1.1%. the word “inflation” was not on the mind of most Americans, and previous spats had been short or during wars. Most importantly, after a Soviet space walk, the US needed…

We Are Part of Airwave Media Podcast Network

LOS ANGELES, Cali – Airwave Media, the award-winning production company behind the popular podcast Kickass News announced plans to form a brand new podcast network called Airwave. Airwave will officially launch this May 24, and it will be a curated collection of shows featuring some of the leading storytellers and thought leaders in audio entertainment….

Drinking with FDR

From his bamboo shaker to his views on prohibition, all about Franklin Roosevelt and drinking. Suffice it to say with this President, it is not an unimportant part of his Presidency.