Perfect Gift? – The Five Biggest Fibs in American Politics, from My History Can Beat Up Your Politics

As you decide about your holiday-gifting, think about the person in gift list that likes politics with a dose of history!  A book that can help them survive in these hyper-partisan times.

The Five Biggest Fibs In American Politics from Bruce Carlson, host of the My History Can Beat Up Your Politics Podcast.  You can purchase it on Amazon

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The 2016 Election, with a Swig of History

The surprise election of 1916 is now matched 100 years later by its 2016 cousin.   Bruce discusses that Wilson-Hughes contest that appeared to shock everyone, including the winner.  The podcast then gets into those election results in 2016 and the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency.  What led to the result, how does it compare to history, what does it say about the incoming President and the midterm elections?  And what about the protests?  Bruce discusses all of this and then, Bruce has some words for the victorious and the disappointed.  

Bruce Carlson (Pre-Election) Interview with The Road to Now Podcast

Commentary on the 2016 Election and the surprise victory of Donald Trump for the Presidency is on it’s way – I promise.  But first here is an  interview with Ben and Bob (who turned out to be a fellow college grad of mine) of the excellent Road to Now podcast we discuss all sorts of things about Presidential elections.  

Of course I don’t discuss the election results as I could not have known them but we get to a lot of topics, including the electoral college.

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The Real Story of the 1948 Election, And Other Stories

The story of an election is never known until it is over.  By next week, the story of 2016 will be clear.   In the case of 1948, the narrative commonly told of a come from behind victory and a train campaign could be refined.  This and other topics in this pre-election hodge-podcast, including: The more complex story of Truman’s classic win, polls throughout history, Lincoln’s inauguration, the Hatch Act, and swing states.

Dump The Hump – The Wild Final Days of the 1968 Election

A candidate that is such a joke left and right laughs at him turns a rout into a near win in the last week with a policy change, world developments, a potential scandal and some good organizing.  The mostly untold story of how 1968 went from blow out to nail biter.  I recorded it in 2008, eight years since its airing, but in my view still applies pretty well.

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